Faced with an onslaught of returns, retailers are telling shoppers: "Just keep it."

Dec 1, 2023
“Returnless refunds” or “keep it" return policies have now been adopted by more than half of major retailers, according to a new survey.
One reason retailers have adopted "keep it" return policies is that shipping and re-shelving can cost a lot.
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Will retailers risk rolling back the generous return policies shoppers love?

Nov 24, 2023
Free online returns and 60-day windows are popular but cost companies money. Some e-commerce players are experimenting with changes.
Some companies are trying to prevent costly returns by providing detailed product information and experimenting with virtual try-ons.
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How to hack your holiday returns

Jan 2, 2013
Be patient, be persistent, keep your receipts. And you might just have many happy returns.