Quebec, suffering Canada's highest COVID deaths, will tax the unvaccinated

Jan 14, 2022
Strains on ICUs across the province are behind the provincial government's decision.
A nurse prepares a COVID-19 vaccine in Montreal, Quebec. The province is planning to impose a tax on the unvaccinated.
Andrej Ivanov/AFP via Getty Images

Quebec uses online business directory to encourage consumers to buy local

Jul 30, 2020
Le Panier Bleu is meant to help local stores compete with online retail giants.
Almost 20,000 businesses had signed up to be featured on the site as of June.
Sebastien St-Jean/AFP via Getty Images

Canada's Aluminum Valley grapples with U.S. tariffs

Sep 17, 2018
A 50-mile stretch along the Saguenay River in Quebec produces roughly half of Canada's aluminum; residents are anxious.
Rio Tinto ships raw material and finished ingots in and out of its own port facility on the bay of the Saguenay River, which flows out to the Saint Lawrence and the Atlantic Ocean.
Emma Jacobs/Marketplace

Cirque du Soleil sells to private equity groups

Apr 20, 2015
A $1.5 billion sale is far from the group's humble origins.