Manufacturing slows, but economy remains robust

Aug 3, 2023
Manufacturing slowed in July, but consumer demand and a strong service sector are shoring up the U.S. economy.
Furniture was one of the few growing sectors in July's manufacturing PMI report.
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The U.S. economy tries to find its happy place

Jan 5, 2022
IHS Markit's Purchasing Managers' Indexes for services and manufacturing are a mixed bag.
Observers have attributed freight trains' service shortfalls to both pandemic-related stresses and cost-cutting to please investors.
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Manufacturing is doing all right, for now

Sep 2, 2020
The Purchasing Manager's Index shows growth, but these happy days may not be here to stay.
A face shield manufacturer at work in New York. Manufacturing was up dramatically in August.
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Chicago PMI shows signs of slowing economy

Oct 1, 2019
One of the economy's warning lights just switched on.

PMI explainer: A key indicator of the global economy

Dec 2, 2013
Finally, a gauge of the global economy: The purchaser’s management index in most countries is up a slight amount.