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Keeping a diary of plastic use can be "a little horrifying"

Aug 22, 2023
What a reporter learned by cataloging all the plastic products around her.
Once plastic products are created, they don't ever decompose — and we keep producing more. "More is getting into our environment, but more doesn't necessarily need to be there," said Susanne Rust, an environment reporter for the LA Times.
Yasin Akgul/AFP via Getty Images

California weighs measure on single-use plastic

Aug 6, 2020
The Circular Economy bill is supported by hundreds of organizations. But the California Chamber of Commerce opposes it.
The bill would require 75% of single-use plastic packaging in California to be reduced or recycled into something else by the year 2030.
Carl Court/Getty Images

Who's responsible for the plastic waste in our waterways?

Nov 27, 2019
One Pennsylvania-based researcher says she wants companies that produce plastic that winds up as waste to be accountable for it.
Trash collected by plastic researcher Sherri Mason and her students dries out on screens, then they will catalog each piece, and input what they find in a database.
Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

The single-use plastic pollution problem

Apr 22, 2019
This Earth Day, let’s do the numbers on single-plastic use.
This photo taken on May 12, 2018 shows a dog on a garbage-filled creek in Manila.