Verizon reorganizes with an eye on faster service

Nov 6, 2018
Verizon has announced some major internal shuffling: It will create three new operating groups, one each for consumers, business customers and media offerings. The restructure reflects a race between internet providers to offer faster speeds.

Why privacy settings can't keep your location secret

Phone carriers can sell location data to third parties, and you can't opt out.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

BlackBerry is making a big investment in smart car technology

Dec 20, 2016
The company’s expertise in designing mobile operating systems translates well to cars.
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A Facebook phone: Why?

Apr 3, 2013
Facebook may be introducing a smartphone soon.

What's lost when phone service goes digital

Nov 8, 2012
AT&T is making a big investment in its digital network -- and signaling its original, and extremely reliable, copper-wire system is on the way out.

Bono Mack wants answers by August 2

Jul 19, 2011
The Republican Representative from California sent a STRONGLY WORDED LETTER to the U.S. Telecom Association, the Information Technology Industry...

Facebook for every phone

Jul 13, 2011
Chicken in every pot, Facebook on every phone. Facebook is now offering an app called Facebook For Every Phone (catchy!) for feature phones (i.e.,...

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