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Farmers' trust in futures industry wanes

Jul 13, 2012
In the wake of Peregine Financial and MF Global scandals, many farmers are losing faith in commodities brokerages they used to rely on. Regulators and futures industry leaders are hoping to restore confidence with increased oversight and account insurance.

Peregrine Financial shakes futures industry

Jul 11, 2012
The allegations against brokerage firm Peregrine Financial shed light on weak regulations of the futures industry. Analysts point to MF Global missing funds similarities.

The Peregrine Financial Scandal: An Explainer

Jul 11, 2012
A futures brokerage, Peregrine Financial, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the scandal is dominating the financial news. Easy Street explains.

Peregrine Financial bankruptcy spotlights weak regulation

Jul 11, 2012
Brokerage firm Peregrine Financial is liquidating amid allegations that it defrauded customers and lied to federal regulators.

Peregrine Financial Group to liquidate under Chapter 7

Jul 11, 2012
Last night, Peregrine Financial filed to liquidate under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code, amid accusations from federal regulators that Peregrine defrauded customers and hid losses.