Pay TV operators zero in on password sharing costs them billions in subscriptions

Dec 20, 2017
Company execs say free watching costs them billions of dollars in subscriptions.

Overwhelmed by passwords? You may have security fatigue

Oct 7, 2016
News of data breaches and online hacks makes us care less about security, not more.
How are some of you reacting to the news of all these data breaches? With weary resignation.
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Passwords? There's a technology for those

Sep 23, 2016
Yahoo tells its hacked users more than they ever imagined about passwords.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

No, "Star Wars" is not a secure password

Jan 19, 2016
Turns out a lot of people are using the Force when selecting a password.

Password breach renews focus on authentication

Aug 7, 2014
What does the future hold for passwords after another breach?
A Facebook login page. Terms of Services agreements for such services have received renewed recent attention.
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Is two-factor authentication the death of the password?

May 23, 2013
Finally, there could be an end to the agony of having to remember dozens of passwords as Twitter offers two-factor authentication.

Hacker reveals vulnerable global Internet

Mar 25, 2013
An anonymous researcher has found that all sorts of devices connected to the Internet are protected only by the easy-to-guess default passwords that the equipment came with when new.

For public good, not for profit.

How to avoid email hackers in two easy steps

Feb 11, 2013
Marketplace Tech contributor Chester Wisniewski of the computer security firm Sophos says change your password and lie.

How to outsmart a password hacker

Jun 8, 2012
Following the theft of 6.5 million passwords from LinkedIn along with hacks at the dating site eHarmony and the music site Last.FM, we get advice from an industry insider on how to protect yourself -- tell a lie.

Candidates use YouTube to rally, not persuade

Mar 20, 2012
Forget pricey TV spots. Political campaigners turn to YouTube for free and fast distribution of their political ads.