A 15th birthday with a $20K price tag

Feb 12, 2024
Quinceañeras bring Latino families together to celebrate a young woman’s 15th birthday. They're getting more lavish — and more costly.
Kailey Cavazos models a dress at the Quince Expo 2024 in Houston. She remembers her quinceañera fondly, especially the song she wrote and sang for her father.
Elizabeth Trovall/Marketplace

When nightlife becomes your living

Apr 15, 2019
For Gregory Alexander, co-founder of A Club Called Rhonda, it all started with his 21st birthday.
Gregory Alexander at a Rhonda event.
Michael Mendoza

Oscar Parties 101

Feb 19, 2016
Worried about throwing a good Oscar's party? We've got you covered.
How will you be celebrating Oscar night?

The key to controlling your party guests: Food

Dec 28, 2012
Planning to attend a New Year's Eve party? That got commentator Scott Huler thinking about the economic principles of party planning.