Permian Basin oil find cheers U.S. drillers

Mar 7, 2017
Oil drilling and fracking are back in America — that’s the storyline out of the big annual oil industry confab in Houston this week. Crude oil prices have recovered from a two-year bust. The rigs are getting back to work. But a new location is the talk of the day. No, not Alberta, Canada, or […]

North Dakota's oil boom lives on in soap opera form

Sep 25, 2015
"Blood & Oil," a nighttime soap opera set in North Dakota's oil boom, premieres on ABC this Sunday.

An oil-worker family vows to make North Dakota home

Aug 4, 2015
Kendra Hill saw only dust when she looked up her future home on Google Maps. Now there's a town there.

North Dakota oil town: Is it a bust or a slowdown?

Jun 3, 2015
Some developers are pushing ahead in Williston despite lower prices per barrel.

The oil economy, as measured in hot dogs and U-Hauls

May 25, 2015
What unusual metrics tell us about North Dakota.

Wyoming tries to prepare for life beyond oil

Jan 8, 2015
Energy states have tried to diversify. Wyoming and Alaska remain highly reliant on oil revenue.

To build housing, or not, for oil boom workers

Jan 6, 2015
When an investment is good for transient energy workers, but not for a small town.

For public good, not for profit.

In North Dakota, the oil boom changes politics

Oct 30, 2014
Out-of-state political contributions are fueling what used to be low-energy politics

What growing global oil thirst means for economy

Jan 21, 2014
A new International Energy Agency report out Tuesday says global oil demand will rise by 1.3 million barrels per day this year.

North Dakota's oil boom keeps ambulance services on the run

Dec 12, 2013
Dangerous work and long hours combine for a lot of oil-field injuries. Small-town ambulance crews have their hands full.