A new wave of office downsizing could hit this year

Jan 16, 2024
Commercial leases are typically five years or longer, so those who signed before the pandemic might be making exit plans.
A recent survey of 500 businesses found three-quarters of them plan to shrink their offices this year, according to data from Robin, a flexible work software platform.
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In a world of hybrid work, hot desking is becoming more prevalent

Nov 9, 2023
It’s a cost-saving measure that’s more common now than it was pre-pandemic, but not all workers like it.
A report from Morgan Stanley found that while "hot desking" saves employers money, not all workers are a fan.
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WeWork could declare bankruptcy anytime, but how is it still around?

Nov 1, 2023
The company has risen and fallen on its stylish co-working spaces, larger-than-life founder and ability to rake in — and spend — investors' cash.
WeWork’s business model has always been shaky, says professor Erik Gordon at the University of Michigan.
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Companies have another reason to let go of office space: a potential recession

Jul 5, 2022
If the pandemic didn't convince CEOs to get rid of costly in-person work environments, an economic downturn might do the trick.
Occupancy periods in leasing agreements shortened during the pandemic, which could expand the amount of unused office space in a few years' time.
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