Iraqis are relieved to be excluded from new travel ban

Mar 6, 2017
BBC correspondent Rami Ruhayem says Iraqis are relieved by the new executive order as refugees flood camps near Mosul.
An Iraqi family that has fled fighting as Iraqi forces advance into Islamic State-controlled west Mosul.
Martyn Aim/Getty Images

Liberating Mosul from ISIS is just a first step

Oct 18, 2016
The economic stakes are high for Iraq and ISIS as they fight over Mosul.
Smoke billows as Iraqi forces hold a position in the area of al-Shurah, some 45 kms south of Mosul, while advancing towards the city to retake it from the Islamic State (IS) group jihadists. Some 30,000 federal forces are leading the offensive, backed by air and ground support from a 60-nation US-led coalition, in what is expected to be a long and difficult assault on IS's last major Iraqi stronghold.