Kurt DelBene of Microsoft to run healthcare.gov

Dec 18, 2013
The former Microsoft executive ran that company's Office product suite.

Happy Birthday, MIDI and the New MS Office

Jan 30, 2013
A protocol that lets musical instruments talk to and trigger one another turns 30 years old today. MIDI is still used by the likes of dance-punk band !!!. It’s inventor Dave Smith explains its use. A new version of Microsoft Office turns purchasers into subscribers. And, the IRS has had a Tumblr for months, but it’s just now getting noticed.

Things that billions of people use

Oct 4, 2012
Facebook has a billion users. What other things are in the 10-digit use territory?

Microsoft expected to unveil new Office suite

Jul 16, 2012
Microsoft Office is the mainstay of the software company's business. Would a new version catch on with tablet and iPad users?