How to be a cosmetic scientist

Feb 15, 2019
Beauty and science aren't mutually exclusive.
Balanda Atis serves as the director of face innovation and multicultural beauty at L'Oréal USA.
Courtesy of L'Oréal USA

L'Oréal breaks into the wearable tech world

Feb 26, 2016
Their "My UV Patch" is wearable tech that can feel like a second skin.
Lizzie O'Leary trying on L'Oreal's "My UV Patch" at their New York office.
Dan Szematowicz/Marketplace

FDA warns on anti-aging claims of cosmetics

Sep 13, 2012
Anti-aging creams are a growing share of the cosmetics market, but the FDA warns that if companies claim pharmaceutical benefits from their products, the FDA will review them as drugs.