Rising unemployment doesn't hit all parts of the labor force equally

Sep 14, 2023
Even a small increase in unemployment can result in disproportionate effects on marginalized groups.
As the unemployment rises, it'll be important to keep an eye on how much more it rises for vulnerable groups, says Betsey Stevenson of the University of Michigan.
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Labor force participation approaches pre-pandemic levels

Sep 1, 2023
The participation rate, which includes people actively looking for jobs, rose in August for those 55 and older, women, teenagers and others.
Labor force participation has been rising among women age 25 to 54 — many of whom stopped working when the pandemic complicated child care and schooling.
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It's a slow summer... for job cuts

Aug 4, 2023
People are scanning today's jobs report for signs of slower job creation and greater wage gains — as unemployment claims hover near pre-pandemic lows, and companies announce fewer layoffs.
“We’re seeing a lot of those individuals being picked up fairly quickly in medium-sized companies," said Jim McCoy with ManpowerGroup
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Hiring by state and local governments has bounced back big-time

Jul 7, 2023
Governing bodies have collectively added 57,000 people per month, on average, this year, outpacing previous public-sector recoveries.
State and local governments have been hiring at more than double last year's rate. Above, Philadelphia City Hall.
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Job data's all over the place, but things are still pretty good for some workers

Jul 6, 2023
ADP and other labor market signals point to continuing interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve.
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Women's labor force participation rate reaches an all-time high

Jun 2, 2023
Millions of women left the workforce early in the pandemic. The strong job market and flexible working conditions have brought many back.
When COVID hit, many women exited the workforce as the service sector collapsed and their children were schooled at home. Now, women's employment is bouncing back.
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Black unemployment is at a record low, but tight financial conditions could change that

May 30, 2023
Black men made gains in warehousing and transportation, which tend to offer low wages. A recession could hit workers of color hard, economist Michelle Holder says
The transportation and warehousing sector, where Black men are well-represented, has expanded swiftly since the 2020 downturn. Economist Michelle Holder warns that the next recession could hit workers of color hard.
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For public good, not for profit.

The insurance industry is hiring

May 5, 2023
Insurance is a growing field right now. Severe weather and widespread worry are among the reasons.
Adverse weather is one reason the insurance industry is booming. For instance, insurers  need adjusters to examine the damage caused by floods and tornadoes.
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Why federal government data under-represent Native Americans

Apr 7, 2023
One of the reasons revolves around issues of racial classification on official documents like the Census.
Complexities with racial categorization on official documents like the Census make it difficult to accurately represent the number of people in Native groups.
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February's rising unemployment rate is actually a positive sign, economists say

Mar 10, 2023
Growth in the number of people looking for work means the unemployment rate is rising for the right reasons, one economist says.
"People think this is a good time to be searching for a job," said Gus Faucher of PNC Financial Services Group.
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