Despite June's bullish employment numbers, the job market is reeling — and will be for a while

Jul 2, 2020
Employment remains below pre-pandemic levels, and as recently reopened businesses re-close, more job losses are on the way.
A grocery store employee cleans carts for customers in New York. Low-wage workers are disproportionately affected by the suffering job market.
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June’s jobs gains weren’t just big. They were widespread across the economy.

Jul 2, 2020
The diffusion index, a measure of the breadth of job gains across industries, jumped for the second month in a row.
Personal and laundry services, which includes dry cleaners, laundromats and other businesses, was among the many sectors that expanded payrolls in June.
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Unemployment dropped again in June. But the numbers are from before renewed COVID-19 shutdowns.

In other words, these June numbers might not tell the whole story as the U.S. sees unprecedented numbers of COVID-19 infections.
The unemployment rate has dropped to 11%. And 4.8 million more people were on American payrolls in June compared to May.
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Why was the May unemployment number wrong?

Jun 8, 2020
Marketplace host Kai Ryssdal spoke with former BLS Commissioner Erica Groshen about the "misclassification" error.
Unemployment application forms outside a Florida library.
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Economists expected more job losses. The economy added 2.5 million instead.

Jun 5, 2020
Chalk it up to parts of the economy reopening.
A Las Vegas restaurant tells potential patrons that it has reopened for dine-in business. Restaurants generated a healthy portion of May's job gains.
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Did PPP loans spur the jobs recovery?

Jun 5, 2020
Businesses that received CARES Act loans had to rehire workers to have those loans forgiven. But what happens next for America's job market?
President Trump during the Paycheck Protection Program signing ceremony.
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Jobs report shows even early March saw severe economic damage from COVID-19

Apr 3, 2020
We're already seeing the biggest one-month rise in unemployment since 1975.
We’ll have to wait for the April report — in more than a month — to see the entire impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Apu Gomes/AFP via Getty Images