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Crowdfunding for investors may soon get easier

Jan 21, 2014
The JOBS Act will promote equity investing through crowdfunding. A Washington, D.C. real estate firm has already been trying it out.

Hey, big spender: Small companies start advertising for investors

Sep 25, 2013
The JOBS Act has loosened rules to let private companies and hedge funds solicit investment. How are they going about it?

Twitter files for IPO

Sep 13, 2013
The social media company publicly filed its IPO documents today, hoping to raise $1 billion in the largest Silicon Valley IPO since Facebook in 2012.

JOBS Act loosens regulations

Apr 5, 2012
President Obama signed the JOBS Act today, but the law poses some questions about investor protection.

What doesn't work in the JOBS Act

Apr 5, 2012
Today, President Obama signs the JOBS Act. The legislation could provide more investment for small business. But critics say the bill could rollback regulations.

JOBS Act boosts startups through 'crowdfunding'

Apr 5, 2012
With the JOBS Act, small companies can now get off the ground by selling stock on the Internet to everyday people -- without going through the hassle of a stock exchange.