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Import prices rose more slowly in February. That could help bring down inflation.

Mar 15, 2024
The Labor Department reported that the price of imported goods rose 0.3% in February compared to 0.8% the month before.
Prices at the import level can affect prices that show up in other inflation data.
Julia Nikhinson/AFP via Getty Images

Rising import prices put pressure on slowing inflation

Feb 15, 2024
Prices may continue to stay high if services and imports rise in tandem.
U.S. import prices rose in January, a sign that disinflation could be slowing.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Falling import prices are good news in the fight against inflation

Jul 14, 2023
It's mostly down to the falling price of oil, but the ingredients and materials manufacturers use are getting cheaper too.
"Lowered prices for imported inputs are going to show up as lowered prices for domestically produced goods," says economics professor Robert Johnson of Notre Dame.
Brandon Sloter/Getty Images