Will the ice cream sandwich ever go out of style?

Aug 2, 2019
A look at 120 years of a sweet business on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.
Still a favorite today: elaborate ice cream sandwiches are often celebrated on social media.
Photo by Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Galaxy Nexus debuts too

Oct 19, 2011
No, it's not a 70s band relying heavily on Moog synthesizers, it's a new phone from Samsung and it's the first to have Ice Cream Sandwich included ...

Ice Cream Sandwich debuts

Oct 19, 2011
"We wanted to have the most advanced operating system we could build combined with the stupidest name imaginable," a Google spokesperson didn't...

Ice Cream Sandwich day tomorrow

Oct 18, 2011
Google and Samsung are holding a big joint event on Wednesday. Google will be launching the new version of the Android operating system, dubbed Ice...