Hydropower production took a hit in 2023

Mar 28, 2024
Regions that depend on it are having to look to other sources of energy — which can cost more.
In May 2023, California's Lake Oroville reservoir rose to 100% capacity due to record-setting rains and heavy snowfall. Early, rapid runoff can make it harder to store water and generate hydroelectricity year-round.
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As weather gets less predictable, hydropower dams look to new forecasting techniques

Oct 24, 2023
"Forecast-informed reservoir operations" may help planners deal more effectively with flood or drought conditions.
Dams were built during a much different climate regime from the conditions we're experiencing and expecting. Operators of the facilities are seeking ways to adapt.
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Drought threatens hydropower produced by Colorado River

Jan 25, 2023
Facing a prolonged megadrought, Western states must prep for huge water-use cuts.
Lake Powell, a reservoir on the Colorado River. The river supplies hydroelectric power across the West, but it faces dwindling water levels.
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Taking the hydro out of hydropower

Apr 8, 2015
California's drought is affecting its energy.