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The future of the Hollywood-China romance

Aug 27, 2021
Despite restrictions on imported films in China, Hollywood movies easily topped the Chinese box office for more than two decades. Not anymore.
The Chinese blockbuster "Detective Chinatown 2" was filmed in New York. Movies made in China and other countries have become very competitive with Hollywood offerings in the Chinese market.
Courtesy Mtime

Can the Weinstein Company rebrand itself?

Oct 10, 2017
Rebranding can be especially challenging when the man himself is, in many ways, the brand.
Film producer Harvey Weinstein was fired as CEO and co-chairman of the Weinstein Company after allegations of sexual misconduct were reported by the New York Times. Above, Weinstein speaks at the Zurich Film Festival on September 2016 in Zurich, Switzerland.
Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

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