Holiday season fills campgrounds with Amazon workers

Dec 21, 2017
The retailer's CamperForce program recruits RV travelers for seasonal work.
The Sweazeas' camper, decked out for Christmas.
Amy Scott/Marketplace

These days, the holiday magic happens in warehouses

Dec 14, 2017
With online shopping now a $400 billion industry, fulfillment centers and warehouses are central to the season.
During the holiday season, orders to consumers nearly double at AMS Fulfillment Services, a company located outside of Los Angeles.
Reema Khrais/Marketplace
Circa 1954, English novelist and magazine columnist Monica Dickens reads to her children from "A Christmas Carol" by her grandfather Charles Dickens.  
Photo by Orlando /Three Lions/Getty Images

Meet the woman who brought you the Tupperware Party

Dec 3, 2014
Brownie Wise pioneered sale of products at home parties. Then Tupperware fired her.