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Over-the-counter hearing aids bring savings and convenience

Oct 17, 2022
Over 40 million Americans with some form of hearing loss could benefit from the ease of buying a hearing aid at their local pharmacy.
Hearing aids are now available over the counter in the United States.
Mario Tama/Getty Images

FDA rule clears hearing aids for over-the-counter sale

Aug 17, 2022
The hope is that over-the-counter sales could make the devices more affordable to millions of Americans who would benefit from them.
Many people who need hearing aids don't have them because of the high cost — about $5,000, which insurance often doesn't cover.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Biden administration seeks broader access to hearing aids

Jul 9, 2021
Just 14% of the 48 million Americans with hearing loss use them, partly because of cost. Biden wants to speed up efforts for over-the-counter sales.
President Joe Biden's executive order on competition could provide a boost to hearing aid accessibility, something many Americans need but still live without.
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Headphones that enhance the world around you could be a hearing aid alternative

Sep 9, 2019
Experts say there will be an eventual convergence of the two.
Wireless headphones, as worn by this model, can also help with hearing.

Cochlear implants get processing boost from MIT researchers

Feb 10, 2014
A leap forward in tech for those who can't hear.