When mergers fail because of clashing work culture

by Dan Gorenstein May 23, 2016
The reported tension between two huge healthcare organizations signals that good business mergers are about more than just numbers.
Anthem Health Insurance headquarters in Indianapolis. The health insurer is reportedly nearing a deal to purchase Cigna.
Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

A Pennsylvania hospital merger fight could be the first of many

by Dan Gorenstein May 11, 2016
Armed with new research, the FTC is getting more aggressive in blocking hospital mergers.
The capitol building in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. 
Wikimedia Commons

Hospital mergers within state borders drive up costs

by Dan Gorenstein Mar 21, 2016
And nobody is watching.
Employers and consumers tend to get hurt by hospital cross-market mergers, according to a new study. 

Report links health care mergers and higher costs

by Dan Gorenstein Feb 25, 2016
Since 2009, the number of oncology practices affiliated with hospitals has doubled.

An unprecedented look at medical costs nationwide

by Dan Gorenstein Dec 15, 2015
Researchers have compiled data on $682 billion worth of claims.

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