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Will chipmaker Nvidia's earnings report be blockbuster? Or super-blockbuster?

Feb 21, 2024
Nvidia reports its Q4 financial results after markets close on Wednesday. The chipmaker has forecast major revenue gains thanks to generative AI.
Nvidia forecast it would hit $59 billion in revenue for 2023 — double what it brought in in 2022.
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Why fake robocalls are sounding more and more real — and what's being done about it

How can consumers protect themselves from malicious AI? We'll dig in.
During New Hampshire's primary, some voters received phone calls that imitated President Joe Biden's voice and discouraged people from heading to the polls.
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The "poison pill" that protects artists' work from AI scraping

Feb 5, 2024
"Everything is at stake," says Ben Zhao of the University of Chicago, who leads the development of two tools that support human creativity.
The goal of Nightshade "is to raise the price for unauthorized training on scraped data," says Ben Zhao at the University of Chicago.
Courtesy the Glaze Project

Generative AI is increasingly being used to commit identity fraud

Jan 24, 2024
During the COVID pandemic, lots of identity verification moved online — making it easier for people to commit fraud with the help of generative AI.
Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used to commit identity fraud.
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One year later, how has ChatGPT changed the way we work?

Nov 29, 2023
Researchers are finding that, in some ways, humans and artificial intelligence actually work well together.
Generative AI has been adopted by companies ranging from JPMorgan to Kahn Academy.
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ChatGPT turns 1: A generative AI status report

Nov 21, 2023
Some experts are surprised we're not using AI tools even more.
"I think there was no business owner out there that when they were exposed to ChatGPT couldn't imagine that there was some application for this technology to make their own business more efficient," says Amin Ahmad of Vectara.
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For public good, not for profit.

Solutions to AI image bias raise their own ethical questions

Oct 10, 2023
De-biasing artificial intelligence image generators pose questions around synthetic diversity, historical accuracy.
Text to image AI companies know that the pictures generated by their software are informed by images that are already available on the internet. But the best way to correct for that bias can gets complicated.
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Chinese video game designers experiment with AI

Sep 13, 2023
China's video gaming sector is the first to feel the impact of generative artificial intelligence.
An AI-generated animation character by a Chinese video gaming firm in Chengdu city.
Charles Zhang/Marketplace

Chipmaker Nvidia steps into the spotlight as a barometer of the AI economy

Aug 21, 2023
It makes the chips at the heart of ChatGPT and other tools.
The valuation of Nvidia, whose products are crucial to artificial intelligence technology, has surpassed $1 trillion.
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