Biden pledges an additional $2.9 billion in aid to help fight the global food crisis

Sep 21, 2022
The good news? The world's producing enough food to feed everyone. The bad news? Getting it to hungry people is more expensive.
President Joe Biden speaks to the United Nations General Assembly, pledging $2.9 billion to fight the global food crisis.
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

What is the current state of Afghanistan's economy?

Feb 23, 2022
Afghanistan was on the precipice of a humanitarian disaster, and it fell off that precipice, said Madiha Afzal at the Brookings Institution.
People shop at a vegetable market in Kabul in January. Since the Taliban takeover, an estimated 22.8 million Afghans are facing life-threatening food insecurity.
Mohd Rasfan/AFP via Getty Images

Report estimates 260,000 died in Somalia famine

May 1, 2013
Critics have blamed the U.N. for not reacting faster to the 2011 famine in Somalia because the international community feared that relief would be confiscated by Islamic militants.