Copper will play a major part in meeting clean energy goals, as it's used in wind turbines and solar panels.
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The price of copper has been rising. That's good news for the economy.

Apr 9, 2024
Until the price rises so much it causes inflation, anyway.
Copper is used in many things, from, power lines and vehicles to wind turbines and EV batteries.
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Takeaways from one of the world's biggest energy summits

CERAWeek in Houston has shown that despite agreements to transition away fossil fuels, oil and gas are still deeply entrenched.
"The mood is very sour this year amongst the oilmen," says the Economist's Vijay Vaitheeswaran of CERAWeek.
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More mining is needed for the energy transition. It's also a threat.

In his book "The War Below," Ernest Scheyder explores the tension between intrusive mining and powering our energy transition.
"Are there some places too special to mine? And if we decide to have mining, what are the standards by which we would allow mining in those places?" asks writer Ernest Scheyder.
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What to expect from COP28, the annual U.N. climate summit

The two-week United Nations summit on climate change will kick off on Nov. 30 and take place in Dubai this year.
Sultan Al Jaber, the head of the United Arab Emirates' state-owned oil company, is serving as president of COP28.
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Fossil fuels built Houston into an energy capital. Can it lead the clean energy transition?

Sep 13, 2023
With the aid of workers, technology and cash from the oil and gas industry, new companies offer a glimpse of a post-fossil fuels future.
An oil refinery in operation with the Houston skyline in the background. Fossil fuels continue to enrich the Texas economy, but some see the need to respond to the climate crisis.
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OPEC grapples with sliding oil prices

May 10, 2023
The cartel releases its monthly oil market report on Thursday.
Despite the fact that OPEC nations cut oil production last month, oil prices are largely back to where they were in early April.
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For public good, not for profit.

Wyoming school is training students for a new energy future

Apr 4, 2023
A power plant in the offing will need trained workers to build and operate it. A local college has the first power-line program in the state.
A student practices using his harness and spiked shoes to climb a power pole. The Western Wyoming Community College program sets up graduates to get apprenticeships to eventually become journeyman electricians.
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A more productive U.S. economy could unlock $10 trillion

Higher productivity could drive up wages, temper inflation and aid the energy transition, the McKinsey Global Institute finds.
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War and oil profits mean more investment in fossil fuels — and green energy

Feb 24, 2023
Oil giants are going to invest in more oil while also preparing for a greener future, says The Economist's Vijay Vaitheeswaran.
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