Why we need to build a smart grid -- fast

by Molly Wood Apr 12, 2012
A new book details our fragile electrical system. Plus, Shakespeare broken down and 3D chocolate printing.

Space weather has economic impacts on earth

by Adriene Hill Jan 24, 2012
Rough space weather is leading some flights to change their course, and experts on the lookout for power outages.

Crowd-sourcing solar energy

by Stephanie Hughes Jan 6, 2012
A Maryland solar company is creating small power plants throughout a neighborhood as a means to pool financial resources and valuable roof space.
Jim Gekas, treasurer of the University Park Community Solar LLC, points to the solar panels on  the roof of the Church of the Brethren in University Park, Md.
Andrea Hackman
News In Brief

How to read an EnergyGuide label

by Christina Huh Oct 28, 2010
Eve Troeh reported today on TVs made after May 10, 2011 will be required to sport an EnergyGuide label. Below is one example of what one type of...
Easy Sustainability Answers

How can I figure out where my home is using energy? How can I do my own energy audit?

by Adriene Hill Jul 30, 2010
Easy Answer: We've made a Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit guide for you (with help from the Department of Energy and Consumer Reports)....
Easy Sustainability Answers

How does my energy use compare to my neighbors'?

by Adriene Hill Jul 29, 2010
Easy Answer: Grab some recent power bills and find out....
The Greenwash Brigade

CFL faux pas from an ecological intelligence expert

by Janne K. Flisrand Jul 7, 2009
I just enjoyed the first 45 minutes of a Minnesota Public Radio call-in show. Daniel Goleman is touting his book, "Ecological Intelligence: How...

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