Some electric grids may feel the heat this summer

Jun 10, 2024
As ACs across the country kick on during heat waves, electricity demand will spike and some energy grids may fall short of supply.
High voltage power lines run along an electrical power grid in southern Florida. If temperatures peak above normal this summer, some regions of the U.S. may suffer electric shortfalls.
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Texans brace for high electric bills as temperatures rise

May 21, 2024
In Houston, the energy capital of the world, low prices are not a given. Experts would like to see more capacity and more conservation.
To manage her electricity bills, Robin Wright said she uses air conditioning sparingly. Many Texans are trying to adapt to summertime heat spikes.
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New federal rule aims to create more long-distance power lines

May 14, 2024
We'll need the lines to connect solar and wind power to new data centers, electric cars, heat pumps and so on.
As energy demand surges, FERC's new rule will help update the nation’s aging power grid.
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Electricity bills could hit your pocketbook even more this summer

Apr 10, 2024
The Energy Information Association expects electricity demand to rise by 4% this summer, anticipating that it’ll be even hotter than last year.
The EIA expects electricity demand to rise by 4% this summer, anticipating that it’ll be even hotter than last year. Many people will likely be running their ACs more to cope with the heat.
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The federal government wants to know how much electricity crypto uses. Crypto firms aren't happy.

Feb 5, 2024
The feds want data from crypto miners. The miners may file suit to block the request.
Crypto mining consumes as much as 2% of all electricity in the U.S., according to the Energy Information Administration. Above, a bitcoin mining operation in Rockdale, Texas.
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Heat strains Texas power grid as population keeps growing

Aug 28, 2023
The state is home to many of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. Add record temperatures, and it's no surprise that the grid is stressed.
This summer, peak demand for the Texas grid is 11,000 megawatts more than it was two years ago.
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Superconductor breakthrough claims draw interest and skepticism

Aug 2, 2023
Claims of a room-temperature superconductor have gone viral, but others' earlier claims to have achieved this have been debunked.
A superconductor chilled to a very cold temperature levitates under magnets. It's called the Meissner effect.
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For public good, not for profit.

As extreme heat lingers, millions of U.S. households face a utility shutoff crisis

Jul 7, 2023
And it's leaving some people without the electricity to power a fan or air conditioner during intense heat waves.
Utilities cut power to at least 3 million customers who missed payments last year and shutoffs happen most often in the summer, according to research from University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University.
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Risk of electricity shortages rises with extreme heat waves

Jun 28, 2023
Supply shortfall caused by spiking demand during extreme summer weather could affect two-thirds of the U.S.
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Are there signs of a slowdown for U.S. natural gas?

May 17, 2023
The number of U.S. rigs has dropped along with natural gas prices. Here's what that means for the "shale revolution."
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