China's economy has "downshifted fundamentally over the past couple of years"

Feb 13, 2024
"If we have a China that's growing more slowly, there's less opportunity" globally, says economist Adam Posen.
Consumer prices in China have been falling for too long.
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China could be on track to dominate the world's EV market, even if not in the U.S.

Jan 2, 2024
Chinese automaker BYD, which sells both hybrids and pure EVs, likely surpassed Tesla’s total vehicle sales last year.
Although tariffs block Chinese-made EVs from being sold in the U.S., companies like BYD have a presence in Asia, South America and Europe.
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Wyoming is an EV charging desert. Federal money could help, but the state isn't so sure

Dec 11, 2023
There's an electric vehicle charging desert in Wyoming and private businesses are taking matters into their own hands. The state remains hesitant.
Pinedale Mayor Matt Murdock and OtterSpace President Mike Yin stand in front of the company’s new EV charger just a block off main street. It charges vehicles in about 30 minutes — before this, there was only one charger in town just for Teslas and it took eight hours for a full charge.
Caitlin Tan/Wyoming Public Media

EVs and hybrids drive 18% of car sales, doubling market share since 2021

Nov 29, 2023
Price dips and and an expansion of models to choose from contributed to the boost in third-quarter purchases.
Some car companies, like Honda, are making more hybrid models available, says Stephanie Brinley at S&P Global Mobility.
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His EV trip through the Southeast required a charging station map — and privilege

Adam Mahoney, a reporter for Capital B News, explains how driving an electric vehicle put him in a precarious situation as a Black man.
"I wasn’t necessarily as versed in just the long-distance aspect of EV travel with public charging," says Adam Mahoney, a reporter with Capital B News. "So it ended up taking that initial trip from being a five-hour drive to almost 12 hours."
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EVs have made big inroads in California. But why do most car buyers go with gas?

Nov 2, 2023
Wealthier drivers are more open to electric vehicles, but low-income people are hesitant due to purchase cost and a lack of charging stations.
Joey Gil, a Tesla driver, said reducing carbon emissions was a key reason to switch to electric.
Caleigh Wells

The European Union takes aim at Chinese subsides for electric vehicles

Oct 4, 2023
The EU has opened a formal investigation and could impose penalties to "level the playing field," while China decries that step as "naked protectionism." European automakers are hoping to avoid the fate of Europe’s solar industry a decade ago, when it was mostly wiped out by low cost Chinese competitors.
EVs made by Chinese car brand BYD were on display the IAA Mobility 2023 international motor show in Munich, Germany. The EU just announced it will probe China's use of subsidies to grow its EV presence.
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For public good, not for profit.

What it's like to drive an electric vehicle

Jul 7, 2017
It's green, but the infrastructure's not all there yet.
There are new breakthroughs in car batteries, but it will be a little while before electric car companies take notice.