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Wyoming is an EV charging desert. Federal money could help, but the state isn't so sure

Dec 11, 2023
There's an electric vehicle charging desert in Wyoming and private businesses are taking matters into their own hands. The state remains hesitant.
Pinedale Mayor Matt Murdock and OtterSpace President Mike Yin stand in front of the company’s new EV charger just a block off main street. It charges vehicles in about 30 minutes — before this, there was only one charger in town just for Teslas and it took eight hours for a full charge.
Caitlin Tan/Wyoming Public Media

Will Florida's improved EV infrastructure convince more people to buy electric vehicles?

Aug 10, 2022
Florida Power & Light is installing more than 1,000 charging ports across the state. Most will be Level 2 — slow chargers.
Florida Power & Light's Evolution fast chargers at Turnpike Plaza in West Palm Beach, Florida, in December 2020.
Courtesy Florida Power & Light Co.

To convince more drivers to go electric, the Biden administration wants chargers that work for all EVs

Jun 9, 2022
Currently, there is no standard charging infrastructure. Creating a universal charger could be key to getting more people to go electric.
The push toward electrification is on. But what does that mean for the US?
Mario Tama/Getty Images

Roadtripping in an electric vehicle has its challenges, but is getting easier

May 30, 2022
With gas prices reaching all-time highs for the holiday weekend, the prospect of going electric has never been more attractive.
The push toward electrification is on. But is the U.S. equipped to keep up with EV production demands?
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images