The disappearing book

Dec 27, 2011
You'll see a lot of top ten lists this week, including one for books. But are those page turners about to vanish?

"Fahrenheit 451" finally an e-book

Nov 29, 2011
Author Ray Bradbury had been famously resistant to e-books.

E-book sales lure once-skeptical authors

Nov 29, 2011
Ray Bradbury's classic "Fahrenheit 451" available as e-book for first time.

Netflix for boox?

Sep 12, 2011
That's what the buzz is this morning, thanks to the Wall Street Journal's story that Amazon is thinking about starting an e-book rental service....

E-books save the publishing industry

Aug 10, 2011
Wait - wasn't it e-books that killed books? Not according to a new study released Tuesday by BookStats. The study shows publishers made $27.9...

Kindle textbook rental

Jul 18, 2011
Amazon has just announced a new program for renting out textbooks on Kindles, and it's likely to save students a lot of money. So if you need a...

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Lady book pirates!

May 26, 2011
That was the most succinct headline I could think of for a new study about women over 35 downloading pirated material. The British law firm Wiggin*...

Hump cleared: Amazon selling more e-books than book books

May 19, 2011
Bits have defeated atoms. Trees high five each other. Electronic books are now outselling regular books at As of April, says the compa...

Google's eBookstore is Loiterer-Friendly

Dec 6, 2010
With the rumored Chrome OS announcement potentially happening tomorrow, Google added more oomph to their week by also launching their ebookstore,...