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Jury sides with Hermès in the first NFT trademark trial  

A luxury goods company went up against a digital artist. The artist lost.
Art critic Blake Gopnik explains why he thinks the jury came to the wrong conclusion.

How much "art" can there be in artificial intelligence?

Oct 24, 2022
Increasingly sophisticated text-to-image platforms are intensifying the debate about what art really is and whether only humans can create it.
This AI-produced piece won a first place prize at the Colorado State art fair. © 2022 Jason M Allen
Courtesy Allen

You can now own "authenticated" digital artwork. Is that a good thing?

Mar 2, 2021
The medium may be different, but the problems with authenticity and value are the same, says art critic Blake Gopnik.
Non-fungible tokens are digital assets whose origin or ownership has been authenticated by blockchain technology, much like a digital "signature." Pictured: An NFT marketplace selling digital art.
Screenshot via OpenSea.io