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Make Cyber Monday Great Again

Nov 28, 2016
Is Trump's red hat ornament: naughty or nice?
Official Donald J. Trump Shop

It’s Black Friday Cyber November!

Nov 21, 2016
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are no longer days, but an entire month.
Shoppers walk by holiday decor hanging on Tiffany & Co. in New York City on Black Friday last year.
Yana Paskova/Getty Images

What's the best deal you've ever made?

Tell us about that time you made a car salesman cry.
Come impress us with your best deal stories.
Saul Loeb / GettyImages

What's behind corporate America's merger mania?

Oct 13, 2015
From tech to beer to energy, deal activity could set a record in 2015.

Dollar stores adapt to an improving economy

Jul 28, 2014
Dollar Tree is buying Family Dollar. Dollar stores are selling different things.

Why Murdoch wants Time Warner: leverage

Jul 16, 2014
Time Warner turned down Rupert Murdoch's reported $80 billion offer. He'll be back.

For public good, not for profit.

Dollar store deals: The do's and don'ts

Jun 14, 2013
Are you a dollar store deal hunter? Turns out, even though the products are only a buck, they're not always good buys.

Foursquare checks in on discount deals

May 9, 2012
Foursquare has attracted 20 million users to its social network. To make money, it plans to go the Groupon route, but with personalized deals.

Facebook Deals is now live. It will change everything unless it doesn't.

Apr 26, 2011
We've been hearing about this for a while and now it's finally here. Facebook has launched Facebook Deals, a Groupon competitor, in five cities:...