The Fed is easing up on interest rate hikes. Here's how that could affect the economy.

Dec 14, 2022
The rates on some types of loans have already been coming down.
Interest on certain types of loans, like mortgages, have already been coming down.
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Co-signing loans can be bad business

Jun 6, 2016
Beware of friends and family who want to glom onto your credit score!
If you co-sign with someone on a loan or a credit card, you have a 26 percent chance of damaging your relationship,
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Chicago's credit rating nears junk grade

Mar 29, 2016
$10m in municipal debt downgraded
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Big three credit ratings agencies still hold a huge amount of power

Mar 11, 2016
Why are Moody's, Fitch and S&P so resilient?

Fallout from S&P ban could last longer than a year

Jan 21, 2015
SEC gives S&P a suspension, opening a window for its bond-rating competitors.