New tax incentives ease home improvements to beat the heat

Jul 19, 2023
Expanded tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act help pay for weatherizing homes and installing heat pumps.
Heat pumps are among the energy-conserving tools that new tax credits will partially cover.
John Keeble/Getty Images

Could the history of cooling help us understand global warming?

Jul 7, 2021
Air conditioning makes individuals cooler, but the planet hotter. Writer Eric Dean Wilson explores that paradox in his new book.
Workers install an air conditioning unit in a food stall in Shanghai in 2013. In a new book called "After Cooling," writer Eric Dean Wilson wrestles with the societal costs of individual air conditioning.
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DIY Energy Audit: Heating and Cooling Systems

Jul 30, 2010
That perfect room temperature can be hard to agree on, and, depending on your location, even harder to pay for. In most places in the country,...