A peek inside Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind is also a glimpse at manufacturing in America

Dec 29, 2017
Nonprofit Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind is helping to create local manufacturing jobs while providing work for the visually impaired.
Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind CEO Hugh McElroy is positioning the organization to take on new manufacturing jobs.
Lauren Silverman/ for Marketplace

Georgia aims to make its websites accessible for all

May 17, 2017
So far, the state has upgraded more than half of its 130 sites to federal standards. Enabling screen readers is one improvement.
Annie Maxwell, who is blind, shows how she uses a software program called a screen reader to access web pages.
Tasnim Shamma/WABE

Lending ones' eyes via smartphone

Feb 9, 2015
A new app helps the blind by connecting them to sighted volunteers.

Beyond magnifying glasses: High-tech options for the vision-impaired

Sep 5, 2014
Which technologies or devices have been helpful for you?

Hi-tech glove turns words into touch

Aug 20, 2013
Design researcher Tom Bieling has made something called the Lorm Glove, which could soon help people who are deaf or blind communicate.

Building a better smartphone for blind users

Jan 7, 2013
A team of developers in Israel are set to debut a smartphone at the Consumer Electronics Show with an interface designed for blind users.

Legally blind, and competing in the Paralympics

Aug 29, 2012
The 2012 Paralympic Games opened in London on Wednesday. American judo athlete Myles Porter tells us what it's like to compete in world's second largest sporting competition.

For public good, not for profit.

Sight-feeling: Travel for the disabled

Jul 6, 2012
An owner of a travel agency for the blind shares his experiences traveling around the world.