How the ghost of economies past influenced Dickens' "A Christmas Carol"

Dec 25, 2017
The BBC’s Anu Anand takes a tour of Charles Dickens’ last London home, and chats with a historian who explains how economic hardships influenced the celebrated author’s “A Christmas Carol” classic.  Click the above audio player to hear the full interview.

Author Jade Chang takes the Marketplace Quiz

Dec 14, 2016
Don't ask her about her favorite color.
Jade Chang is the author of "The Wangs vs. The World"
Emma McIntyre

Roxane Gay takes the Marketplace Quiz

Sep 9, 2016
There are unexpected downsides to having a best-selling book.
Roxane Gay onstage promoting her two books "An Untamed State" and "Bad Feminist."
Eva Blue/Flickr