A lot goes into pricing a stock IPO

Sep 14, 2023
And that's before the shares even get to the P in the acronym: the public. First there's the "roadshow," later, hopefully, the "pop."
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ARM's IPO will test the broader IPO market

Sep 6, 2023
The chip design company Arm is going public later this year, in the biggest IPO since 2021. If investors are interested, other companies could start going public, too.
Arm, a British-based company owned by a Japanese firm, designs chips used in most smartphones.
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SoftBank to buy ARM for $32 billion

Jul 18, 2016
The Japanese conglomerate SoftBank has been looking for a splashy acquisition.
An ARM processor in a Hewlett-Packard printer.
Socram8888/Wikimedia Commons