Saudi Arabia announces new chapter in diversifying economy away from oil: tourist visas

Sep 27, 2019
For the first time, the conservative kingdom is opening up to tourists from more than 40 countries.
A view of Riyadh, the Saudi capital, in 2007.
Hassan Ammar/AFP/Getty Images

Saudi oil company profits impress

Apr 1, 2019
What’s the most profitable company on earth? We’ll give you three guesses. Nope, not Apple. Google? Try again. Exxon Mobil – wrong. It’s the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. Known as Saudi Aramco, it’s the runaway leader, according to…

Saudi Arabia is pushing for the biggest ever IPO

Apr 26, 2016
The kingdom is selling a slice of its oil company to wean itself off the oil industry.
Aramco's Al-Khurais central oil processing facility.

For sale: A slice of Saudi Arabia's oil company

Jan 8, 2016
The kingdom needs cash — and the assets of Saudi Aramco are enormous