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Saudi Arabia announces new chapter in diversifying economy away from oil: tourist visas

Sep 27, 2019
For the first time, the conservative kingdom is opening up to tourists from more than 40 countries.
A view of Riyadh, the Saudi capital, in 2007.
Hassan Ammar/AFP/Getty Images

Saudi oil company profits impress

Apr 1, 2019
What’s the most profitable company on earth? We’ll give you three guesses. Nope, not Apple. Google? Try again. Exxon Mobil – wrong. It’s the national oil company of Saudi Arabia. Known as Saudi Aramco, it’s the runaway leader, according to new numbers put out by the company. These number are the first since … well, […]

Saudi Arabia is pushing for the biggest ever IPO

Apr 26, 2016
The kingdom is selling a slice of its oil company to wean itself off the oil industry.
Aramco's Al-Khurais central oil processing facility.

For sale: A slice of Saudi Arabia's oil company

Jan 8, 2016
The kingdom needs cash — and the assets of Saudi Aramco are enormous