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763 more 'Anchorman' jokes

Feb 21, 2014
The producers of "Anchorman 2 1/2" made a new movie out of outtakes

'Anchorman 2' marketing campaign: genius or overexposure?

Dec 5, 2013
Plus a QUIZ: Which character from Anchorman do you think should co-host with Kai?

The serious PR push to make Ron Burgundy's legend continue

Dec 4, 2013
For one day, Emerson College's communication school will be renamed the Ron Burgundy School of Communication.

Edward R. Murrow, Martha Gelhorn and Ron Burgundy

Nov 14, 2013
Will Ferrell's Ron Burgundy enters the Newseum.

Amazon gets patent for dual screen display reader

Jul 7, 2010
And Barnes & Noble does not. This could have big implications in the rapidly escalating dedicated book reading device skirmish between the two...

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