Lawmakers ponder fate of corporate AMT

Dec 5, 2017
The House and Senate have both passed tax bills cutting the rate that corporations pay. The lawmakers differ though on the details, including what to do with the corporate alternative minimum tax. The House bill repealed it, but after some last minute changes the Senate bill keeps the AMT in place and some businesses aren’t […]

Think of the alternative minimum tax as the government's 2-drink minimum

Oct 9, 2017
It's designed to ensure all taxpayers pay their fair share, including those with higher incomes.
Alternative tax filers have to file their taxes twice, under form 1040 and form 6251. The higher tax is paid.
Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Alternative Minimum Tax increase looms

Dec 31, 2012
If no adjustment is made to the Alternative Minimum Tax, millions of Americans could face a whopping tax hike next year.