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SNL brings in highest ratings in over 20 years

Feb 10, 2017
The post-election political climate has meant big business for 'Saturday Night Live.'
Melissa McCarthy as press secretary Sean Spicer in last week's episode of Saturday Night Live.
NBC Universal

When big celebrities leave Twitter

Jul 19, 2012
So there seems to be a trend developing over in the social media world: From Alec Baldwin to John Mayer, more and more big name celebrities are dropping out of the Twitter-verse.

Flight attendants want Baldwin apology

Dec 13, 2011
The Association of Professional Flight Attendants says it wants Alec Baldwin's show, "30 Rock," banned from in-flight entertainment unless he issues an apology.

Best-Even Super Bowl Ads: Hulu's 'TV rots your brain'

Jan 26, 2011
A funny commercial featuring Alec Baldwin. Check out other Super Bowl ads that the Marketplace staff picked here.