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The Carters' new album is all about showcasing art and love

Jun 18, 2018
Beyoncé and Jay-Z released their first joint record over weekend. What's special about this project?
Beyoncé and Jay-Z's music video was shot in various parts of the Louvre in Paris.

"Lemonade" and the business of Beyonce

Apr 25, 2016
University of Miami professor Serona Elton on Beyonce's latest surprise

The business of the blues isn't what it once was

Dec 7, 2015
The numbers show a decline in the blues audience.

Record industry fights piracy with new global release day

Feb 27, 2015
You may not know it, but different countries used to have different release days for new albums.

Final Note: Immortalize your ashes on an LP

Aug 31, 2010
This final note today, brought to you by a company over in the UK called -- and listen carefully now And Vinyly. As in records made from vinyl. ...