Review: Starry Station, a router for the information age

by Molly Wood May 9, 2016
New hardware from the Boston company has promise, but building a network has hurdles.
A look at the Starry Station router.
Ben Johnson/Marketplace

Aereo files for Chapter 11 reorganization

by Ben Johnson Nov 21, 2014
CEO and Founder Chet Kanojia released a blog post detailing the move.

Aereo's competitors are itching to take its place

by Kai Ryssdal Jul 1, 2014
Mark Ely of Simple.TV talks about his company's game plan.

Dov Charney, the World Cup and Aereo over Brunch

by Lizzie O'Leary Jun 27, 2014
Recapping the week with Andrea Chang of the L.A. Times and Buzzfeed's Ken Bensinger.

If Aereo is dead, what's next in the evolution of TV?

by Lizzie O'Leary Jun 27, 2014
This week the Supreme Court pulled the rug out from streaming service Aereo.

Aereo loses at the Supreme Court: what's next?

by Molly Wood Jun 26, 2014
Where do things stand in the wake of the court's 6-3 verdict?

After court verdict, what do I do with Aereo account?

by Ben Johnson and Kai Ryssdal Jun 25, 2014
Now that video streaming company Aereo has lost out to major broadcasters, what will its users do?

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Supreme Court pulls Aereo's plug

by Dan Gorenstein Jun 25, 2014
The case was watched closely by everyone from ABC to Google to the NFL.

Aereo case has its head in the clouds

by Molly Wood Apr 23, 2014
A ruling in the case against Aereo could have a lot of larger implications in the tech world.

Is TV streaming illegal? Aereo and the high court

by David Gura Apr 22, 2014
The Supreme Court heard arguments about the legality of broadcast TV streaming operator Aereo.

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