Why can’t adults order off the kids’ menu?

Jul 20, 2015
Big people with little appetites: you can't always get what you want.
Many restaurants prohibit adults from ordering items from the kid's menu.
C Y C L O P S/Flickr

Not-so-empty nests: When adult children live at home

May 24, 2013
A lot of parents are finding their living spaces crowded by adult children who have moved back in -- or never moved out. When is it time to give your kids a gentle nudge to take control of their own finances and go it alone?

The accordion family: When kids move home

Feb 24, 2012
The number of adults who are moving back in with their parents is on the rise. Author Katherine Newman discusses how families are affected when the kids move back in.
An extremely tough job market for young people has seen kids returning home to live with their parents in droves. As these households expand like the bellows of an accordion, stress often follows.