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Ohio experiments with bitcoin tax payments

Apr 8, 2019
The state treasurer's office is trying something new.
A window display at the Blockland Solutions Conference in Cleveland this past December.
Adrian Ma/ideastream

This tax season, accountants are double-checking their software

Apr 3, 2019
It's the first filing season under the tax overhaul of 2017. Software companies are still catching up.
People are afraid to file their taxes — and accountants are moving slower.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

State tax revenue takes a hit from SALT cap

Feb 5, 2019
The 2017 tax reform law put a cap on how much state and local taxes Americans can deduct on their federal tax returns. Now states are beginning to feel the pinch of reduced tax revenue because many people are moving away from high-tax jurisdictions. The situation is so bad in the northeast where tax rates […]
Governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo speaks on stage at the HELP USA 30th Anniversary Event at The Plaza Hotel on March 16, 2017 in New York City.
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5 things to know about the new tax law as you file taxes

An investment adviser and certified personal accountant shares information as tax season looms.
People ought to keep a couple things in mind when filing their taxes.
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The race is on to prepay some 2018 taxes

Dec 27, 2017
Homeowners in states with the highest property taxes especially are looking ahead.