What’s mine is not yours
May 6, 2021
Season 4 | Episode 6

What’s mine is not yours

When Lindsey Galbraith's marriage ended over financial infidelity, she swore she would never mix money and relationships again. Then she met someone new.

When Lindsey Galbraith started dating after her divorce, she had some ground rules — nonnegotiables.

“I was going to go Dutch, with everybody,” she said. “Whenever I went out with anybody, I would just pay for myself.”

She wasn’t going to mingle her finances with anyone, even for dinner. Meeting her kids was off the table, too. Nothing serious.

Galbraith’s marriage had ended because of financial infidelity, and after the divorce she was deep in debt and caring for her two kids. She wanted to make sure dating was separate from everything else in her life.

But on today’s show, Galbraith will walk us through how a new relationship and a “life-changing spreadsheet” helped her look at her money differently. We’ll talk with her and her boyfriend, Chris Johnson, about the progress they’ve made and how what they’re still working through — like, while we were interviewing them for this episode.

“I think that what this comes down to — and we have talked about this — is you are doing more prep for a potential exit strategy than I am,” Johnson told Galbraith.

If you like this episode, share it with a friend (or more-than-a-friend) who insists you pay your own way! You can even try out Johnson’s “life-changing spreadsheet” for yourself here — for entertainment purposes only. Your results my vary; we’re not giving you any financial advice here.

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