Season 3 | Episode 5
Oct 22, 2020

Financial infidelity

More than 40% of Americans say they've hidden some kind of financial decision from their partners. Even if the dollar amount is small, the emotional impact can be huge.

What’s the right time to talk with a partner about how much debt you have? A year in? When you get engaged? What about never?

For Jordan Rosenfeld, it was less than a month before her wedding. She didn’t know exactly how much credit card debt she had — but she knew it was a lot. And her fiancé had no idea.

“I can still feel the shame now when I talk about it, to be honest, it makes me want to cry a little.” she said. “I felt in that moment like I was risking our potential marriage, honestly.”

People come to relationships with different expectations and habits around money and sometimes it’s easier to just not talk about it. A poll from a couple years back found that more than 40% of Americans have hidden some kind of financial decision from their partners. It’s called financial infidelity, and even if it doesn’t always involve a lot of money, the emotional impact can be huge.

This week, we’ll hear from Rosenfeld about how she worked through her own financial infidelity, which she previously wrote about for The Billfold, and why it still hangs over her 20 years later. Plus, we’ll hear from a few of you about the financial secrets in your own relationships.

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