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A conversation with Baba
Feb 1, 2024
Season 9 | Episode 1

A conversation with Baba

In the season premiere of "This Is Uncomfortable," an intimate conversation between Reema and her father about his childhood in Gaza and what the future holds for their family.

On a recent trip home to North Carolina, host Reema Khrais sat down with her dad, Jamal, to reflect on the people and places that have shaped their world and sense of identity. What is the impact when a place so connected to their family becomes the center of global headlines?

Reema turns the mic toward herself to ask her dad questions she’s had for years — about growing up in a refugee camp in Gaza, his career as an emergency room nurse and the cultural costs of starting a new life in the United States. 

As with every episode of “This Is Uncomfortable,” simple questions about money uncover a much deeper story. 

The Khrais family at Jamal’s master’s degree graduation ceremony in Greensboro, North Carolina, 1996.

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