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Sep 16, 2008

Marketplace for Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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Fed decides to hold rates steady

Sep 16, 2008
The Federal Reserve stumped experts today when it kept interest rates at their current level. After all that's been happening, the safe money was on an interest rate cut. Marketplace's John Dimsdale talks with Kai Ryssdal about the surprising decision.

Who's next to fail in financial sector?

Sep 16, 2008
Shares in the insurance conglomerate AIG took another dive amid rumors that the Fed's working on some kind of loan package. Meanwhile, mighty Goldman Sachs reported its biggest quarterly drop since it went public. Amy Scott has the roundup.

Will meltdown's impact hit Main Street?

Sep 16, 2008
With the nation's biggest investment banks taking body blows and the world's biggest insurer on the ropes, it's not surprising people in the financial markets are a bit hysterical. But what about Main Street and regular people's livelihoods? Mitchell Hartman…

What's president's role in tough times?

Sep 16, 2008
Since the mortgage crisis has hit Wall Street, President Bush has said little and offered little involvement. But what difference can a president really make in economic times like these? Jeremy Hobson reports.

Rest of the world feels America's pain

Sep 16, 2008
There's been a theory that the rest of the world's economies would keep growing even if the U.S. didn't. After a year of subprime mortgage mess, that theory doesn't appear valid. Kai Ryssdal gets the views of economics professor Robert…

On world stage, wealth can be a curse

Sep 16, 2008
The United Nations General Assembly has quietly convened its annual session. Commentator Amity Shlaes says the explanation for who's friendly with the U.S. at the United Nations -- and who's not -- is often economic.

Making customer service a tweet

Sep 16, 2008
Even though they are relatively small in number, users of the Twitter online service are a powerful group. And companies looking to make quick contact with customers have taken notice. Jennifer Collins reports.

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