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Marketplace for Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Oct 9, 2007

Marketplace for Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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Segments From this episode

It's all about the beer -- lots of it

Oct 9, 2007
The makers of Coors and Miller beers have come up with a new brew. It's called combining operations to increase pricing power and market share. But the two may face a tough fight with regulators. Amy Scott reports.

Now E.U.'s griping about China currency

Oct 9, 2007
It's now the European Union's turn to get cranky over cheap Chinese imports and call for China to revalue its underpriced currency. But does the E.U. have the economic leverage to force a change? Jill Barshay reports.

Private-equity firms will avoid tax hike

Oct 9, 2007
Speculation in Washington is that a proposed tax increase for private equity partners won't make it through Congress this year. Steve Henn reports.

Middle East to get World Bank attention

Oct 9, 2007
The new World Bank President Robert Zoellick is setting up a new strategy focused on fostering trade in the Middle East. Joel Kurtzman, a senior fellow at the Milken Institute, talked with Kai Ryssdal about why the region needs economic attention.

Don't put stock in size of CEO's home

Oct 9, 2007
A slew of recent studies claim to link social factors, like a CEO's personal life, to his company's stock price. Commentator and economist Susan Lee isn't convinced.

Forget the next iPod, think Viagra

Oct 9, 2007
Discoveries that win the Nobel Prize can lead to extraordinarily lucrative consumer products. But how do the researchers who make the discoveries make sure they get part of the profit? Steve Tripoli looked into it.

Much more than savings and loans

Oct 9, 2007
When Pat Eldridge helped set up a bank recently, he had to deal with complications other financial institutions don't -- such as being in Iraq's Anbar province. Kai Ryssdal spoke with the Marine captain.

Domestics seek to bring rights home

Oct 9, 2007
Most of us expect certain things with a job: minimum wage, paid sick leave, vacation time, workplace laws... But nannies, maids and babysitters have no such guarantees. Some are trying to change that. Alisa Roth reports.

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